Down the Rabbit Hole to the Black Diamond Heavies

I love discovering new bands and am on the prowl for them it seems 24/7. I recently discovered two new artists/bands (to me), Scott Biram and Black Diamond Heavies whom I really went down the rabbit hole to find.
I got an email update from a club here in SF called the Independent. I saw that Shooter Jennings is coming and he has someone called Scott Biram opening for him. They way he was described in the email made him sound like someone I might like,”Scott H. Biram is a man possessed. Why not let his dirty gospel enter your soul and join him at his First Church of the Ultimate Fanaticism. No wine, just whisky. Hallelujah.”  You see why I was intrigued  So I checked him out on Youtube and discovered this video of him, which I think is outstanding:

I then saw another video of him that mentioned a band that he is friends with called the Black Diamond Heavies. The name sounded intriguing enough I had to check them out:

As I hear tell once their guitarist left they decided to just have an organ and drums! This is just some crazy stuff that just blew my mind in the best possible way.
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  1. CandiseK
    Aug 12, 2013 @ 14:33:20

    Two very great things to discover! Since you enjoy them- check out the label “Alive Natural Sound” records. I seriously doubt you will be disappointed with any of their bands. IMNSHO- its the hottest label out there today. On a side note- the Black Diamond Heavies are no longer performing. Its a real shame. They were a fantastic live band. I am grateful for their recordings.


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